French Architect’s Oriental Soul

French Architect's Oriental Soul

Bertrand Pélissier, French architect and lacquerware master, has been touted by magazines such as ELLE Décor and Madame Figaro as “the flag bearer of the Asian trend” and “the best example of combining eastern aesthetics with western thinking”. His works are popular not only in his hometown, fashion capital Paris, but across the world. Favored by the Belgian royal family and fashion celebrities such as Donna Karen, Giorgio Armani, and Salvatore Ferragamo, Pélissier is also beloved of his own architectural icon, Norman Foster.

Pélissier’s lacquerware transcends stereotypical European imaginings of the East, instead using his background in classical architecture to deploy his take on Eastern-style freehand brushwork in his own philosophical approach to create lacquerware that has a refreshing creative style.