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Viola Chen, founder of Kuan’s Living, is based in Milan and Taipei. During her travels she has had a wide range of inspirational and heartfelt culinary experiences. Chen has curated these culinary delights from across the world to create the “about KUAN” fusion restaurant, extending her unique aesthetic to the dining table. She has also created an integrated online–offline customer platform for the restaurant, live streaming the goings-on in the kitchen, the selection of stylish goods, and gift suggestions.

As Viola puts it, “about KUAN is a shared kitchen for everyone. It’s about paying attention to the details in life, bringing together culinary delights that evoke our fondest memories, and cherishing every moment of being together.”

We are delighted to have Michelin-starred chef Sheau Fang Wu as our guest chef during the grand opening period. Wu has designed a fabulous menu for the restaurant’s Sandwich Bar. Local delicacies will be coming soon in a new fusion menu.

about KUAN Concept Store
Grand Opening at Eslite Spectrum Nanxi

The store is themed on life experiences and combines a range of product lines to enable everyone to experience the beauty in life. This unique platform is built on Kuan’s Living’s quarter century of history. Here you’ll find ideas for home décor and gift giving. It’s a great place to meet friends for lovely meals, and also a platform where artisans in different fields can interact.

The select store offers gift ideas, all-day brunches, and workshops where you can experience authentic lifestyles and share with others. You can make about KUAN fit your own style of living.

about KUAN

2nd floor, Eslite Spectrum Nanxi (14 Nanjing West Road, Taipei)

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about KUAN…

“Cloud Gate and Kuan’s Living share the same goal: bringing beauty to life.”
Lin Hwai-min, founder of Cloud Gate Dance Theatre

“I like life to have quality. For me, first and foremost something beautiful has to be of good quality.”
Gaetano Trovato, Michelin two-star Italian chef

“When my soul needs comfort and rest, I actually need something of very good quality. The kind of quality that Kuan’s Living insists on.”
Wu Hsing-kuo, founder of Contemporary Legend Theatre

“When aesthetics are injected into life, life is no longer about age, struggle, or success. Life is in the moment. Little by little, culture is formed; little by little, elegance is born. I want to thank Kuan’s Living. You are fostering aesthetics and culture and changing Taiwan. What you are doing is a revolution.”
Tsao Jui-yuan, film director

“I want to thank Kuan’s Living for giving consumers an aesthetic experience so that we can more confidently pursue a life with beauty.”
Olive Ting, founder of Era Ogilvy Public Relations