My Story, My Puppet: Spreading Puppet Craft Culture

My Story, My Puppet: Spreading Puppet Craft Culture

The Kuan’s Living Aesthetics Workshop puts leftover fabric to good use making hand puppets to awaken children’s creativity and continue the tradition of puppet theater.

Puppet theater is one of Taiwan’s most distinctive art forms. In 2014, Kuan’s Living launched the My Story, My Puppet program, with nearly 1,000 elementary schoolchildren becoming young artisans by using leftover fabrics to make their own handmade puppets and writing their own puppet shows. In 2016, the program was recognized by the Taoyuan City Department of Education when it was made one of the Taoyuan City’s 60 official primary school children’s art courses.

Since 2017, Kuan’s Living has been expanding the program and setting up volunteer groups that pool the talents of enthusiastic members of the community and student charity organizations at universities to sow the seeds of art education among children in need. The program is also a great opportunity to restore Taiwanese puppet theater to its place in our lives and bring up a new generation to respect craft culture.

Participating organizations:

Taiyuan Asian Puppet Theatre Museum
Children’s Art Museum in Taipei
Taoyuan City Department of Education
Taoyuan City Art and Humanities Guidance Group
National Tsinghua University cultural service student clubs
Shih Chien University social work clubs
Shih Hsin University social work clubs
T.F.C.F., Taipei
T.F.C.F., Taoyuan
Fugui Elementary School, Nantou County
Wujie Elementary School, Yilan County
Pinghe Elementary School, Nantou City
Xinfeng Elementary School, Nantou City
Liyu Elementary School, Sanyi Township, Miaoli County
Xiayun Elementary School, Fuxing Township, Taoyuan County
Jieshou Elementary School, Fuxing Township, Taoyuan County
Sanyi Elementary School, Fuxing Township, Taoyuan County

Participating Elementary and Junior High Schools in Taoyuan City:

Wenshan Elementary School
Chaoyin Elementary School
Yongshun Elementary School
Chenggong Elementary School
Tong’an Elementary School
Tongde Elementary School
Zhongyuan Elementary School
Huaxun Elementary School
Caoyu Elementary School
Daye Elementary School
Songwu Elementary School
Shulin Elementary School
Xinzhuang Elementary School
Lunping Elementary School
Dayou Elementary School
Xinjie Elementary School
Ruiyuan Elementary School
Linsen Elementary School
Yangming Elementary School
Dazhong Elementary School
Yongfeng Junior High School
Wuhan Junior High School